What is MicroSilk?
Billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles only 50 microns in diameter making them small enough to penetrate skin pores giving us benefits such as a natural cleansing of skin, gentle exfoliation and moisturizing hydration.

What does MicroSilk do?
• Reaches into pores and removes toxins
• Naturally lifts away impurities
• Promotes general wellness
• Encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen production
• Improves the functioning of blood vessels
• Improves circulation to diminish the redness and appearance of bruises and age spots
• Those who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis, and Ichthyosis find relief from these conditions
• Improves serotonin levels

MicroSilk + Marquis
In a hot tub, how you clean and reuse the water is very important to understand. The Marquis proprietary ConstantClean™ water management with SmartClean™ technology is a superior system that effectively and quickly restores the water back to pristine. SmartClean™ knows when the hot tub, including MicroSilk, has been used and automatically triggers additional clean up cycles on top of the regular daily filtration. With the power of ConstantClean™ after every soak, your Marquis + MicroSilk experience is one you’ll find yourself wanting more of.

MicroSilk is available in many of our Signature and Vector21 series hot tubs. Visit your local Marquis Dealer to learn more MicroSilk.