Hot Tub Environments

Hot Tub Environments™ – What are they? Think about it. Your environment relates to your surroundings. In terms of a hot tub, an environment is what surrounds your hot tub. Marquis offers amazing hot tub additions called Environments™ made to perfectly coordinate with the exterior of your hot tub for a seamless, sophisticated and cohesive look.

What Colors Do You Have?

Marquis offers three color options for hot tub environments for our Signature, Vector21 and Marquis Elite hot tub models. For the Signature hot tub series, Environments can be constructed in Ash, or Espresso:

   Hot tub with Ash cabinet color, with cover lifted.Hot tub with Espresso cabinet color, with cover lifted.

The Vector21 and Marquis Elite series Environments are available in Barnwood or Cordovan:Two color boxes are next to each other, showing Barnwood and Cordovan cabinet color options.

What Types of Environments are There?

Marquis offers various types of hot tub environments; such as steps, benches, corners and fillers, counter cabinets, shelves, planters and towel bars.

  • Please note: Environments entry steps and benches are recommended. Other surround modules may not be available due to high demand. Please contact your nearest Marquis Dealer for local availability.


Steps come with two standard options, one step or two steps, Step I and Step II, respectively. Steps are a practical way to dress up your hot tub by providing easy access for entering and exiting the hot tub. Marquis uses one-inch thick textured composite tread which helps you to maintain traction when in use, and feels much more secure than other cheap plastic hot tub steps, which can droop or slide away from the cabinet. For additional safety, steps include an adjustable mounting bracket to secure them to the hot tub cabinet or to an adjacent module. Some steps even have storage capabilities. The Resort, Wish and Monaco Elite have rounded and curved features – we have contoured steps to fit the unique shapes for these as well.

Woman sitting in hot tub with curved single bench in front of hot tub with a candle sitting on it.

Woman sitting in hot tub leaning against edge with two steps outside the hot tub.

Benches, Corners and Fillers

These beautifully designed modules can be used to create a full or partial surround for your hot tub,  depending on your hot tub space and location. All modules are sturdy and secure and may be used for anything from storage, to additional seating, or hot tub access. For our benches with storage capabilities, lids are sealed with water resistant silicone to ensure safe keeping of the items inside. Filler segments are open-ended and rely on corner sections to secure them.* The result is a fully rendered hot tub installation that your guests will appreciate and envy.

  • Please note: Corners and fillers may not be available due to high demand. Please contact your nearest Marquis Dealer for local availability.

*Full surround capabilities are available only on select models.

A tall bench stands in between hot tub edge and smaller step, providing steps into hot tub.

Man and woman relaxing in hot tub, with benches and corner pieces providing easy access into hot tub. A flower pot and set of rolled towels sit on bench outside hot tub.

Counter Cabinets, Shelves, Stools, Planters and Towel Bars

Adding pieces like shelves, cabinets, towel bars and planters provide a practical and convenient solution for outdoor parties and casual dining. Counter Cabinets provide a bar top or a place to serve a tasty snack, while keeping hot tub supplies neatly tucked away. A shelf attached to the spa cabinet, combined with a pair of stools made from the same quality material, creates an intimate dining location for two. It’s the perfect place to savor your morning coffee, enjoy a family barbecue or share a romantic nightcap.

  • Please note: These modules may not be available due to high demand. Please contact your nearest Marquis Dealer for local availability.

Man and woman relaxing in hot tub with drinks in hand. Steps, benches, corner pieces and shelving unit display easy access into hot tub, as well as a counter to hold snacks and drinks and shelving hold towels nearby.

A counter top, is attached to an empty hot tub with stools beneath it, flower planter box. On the other side, a towel bar hands a single towel off the cabinet of the hot tub.

Small details can really make a difference in achieving the backyard resort feeling. Planters introduce natural, leafy accents or a pop of floral color to the scene. Adding flowers can create dimension, another focal point or simply add to the ambiance.

Lastly, towel bars are a simple and inexpensive way to add functionality. Towel bars are an easily overlooked amenity that keep everything within easy reach and reduce clutter in the hot tub area.

What Are Environments Made Of?

All Marquis Environments are made of the same durable quality materials with which our hot tub exteriors are constructed. The standard features are as follows:

  • Marquis exterior color palette (current model year)
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Durable, all-weather synthetic exterior cladding
  • Heavy-duty, 1-inch thick composite decking lids and treads
  • Sustainably-harvested Hem-fir and cedar framing
  • Stainless-steel fasteners
  • Rugged polysheet vapor-barrier base

Man and woman sitting in hot tub, surrounded by cabinets, corner pieces and benches for easy access into the hot tub.

The Marquis Difference

With Marquis products, you can rest assured that your hot tubs and Environments™ are constructed to exceed your expectations, with quality materials, cohesiveness and functionality in mind. If you’re interested in seeing our hot tub selection, check out the Hot Tub Finder, which helps you find the perfect hot tub based on your needs and preferences. From buying to site prep, installation and service, Marquis and the Dealer Network are committed to providing you with The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!® from start to finish. To get started check out the Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide or use the Dealer Locator to find a Dealer near you!