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Whether you are eagerly awaiting your new spa, just had it delivered, or have owned your Marquis hot tub for decades, these ten tips will help you. If you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out to your local Marquis Dealer. To find your Dealer’s contact information, click the green button below:

Skimmer opening underneath the filter cover

1. Top it Off

Regular spa usage and evaporation will gradually reduce your spa’s water level. Without people in the spa, the water should reach about two thirds of the way up the skimmer opening (pictured above). If you notice the pumps “surging”—meaning they repeatedly start and stop—it probably means your water level is too low. Fill it to the recommended level and enjoy a nice hot soak!

Person inspecting spa filters

2. Clean the Filter(s)

For best results, a monthly cleaning routine will ensure your spa’s filtration system runs as efficiently as possible. It will also help to extend the lifespan of your filter(s), which may help to save money:

  • Once a month, remove the filter(s) and use Marquis® Rapid Action Filter Cleaner as directed on the bottle. After cleaning and rinsing outside the spa, allow time for air drying completely. Depending on the weather, air drying may take up to 48 hours.

PRO TIP: For convenience, keep a spare set of genuine Marquis hot tub filters in a clean, dry place. When you remove dirty filters for cleaning and air drying, swap in your spare set from storage. Once your dirty filters are cleaned and air dried, they become your spare set for storage. Repeat this process throughout the year to rotate and maintain your filters. When re-inserting a spa filter, just tighten it until it is snug. (Be careful not to overtighten it, as this can cause the filter or filter housing to crack.)

Digital display showing water temperature setting of 104°F, and current water temperature of 78°F.

3. Be Patient

After refilling an empty spa and closing the cover, it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for cold water to reach its operating temperature. (A swim spa may take even longer.) Since heat impacts water chemistry, you should wait until the water is fully heated before using test strips and making adjustments to the pH balance or sanitizer levels.

Woman in a bathing suit rinsing off in the shower

4. Rinse Off First

Your water chemistry will be easier to manage the less extra “stuff” you bring into your spa. In other words, rinse off completely in the shower before getting into your spa. Showering removes skin residue like deodorant, lotion and makeup. Rinsing your bathing suit reduces residue from detergent and fabric softeners. Plus, clean bathers use up less sanitizer, which may help to save money.

  • PRO TIP: Depending on your spa usage habits, it’s best to drain, clean and refill your spa every four to six months. Spring, summer, and fall are the best seasons due to warmer weather. To avoid spa damage—and costly repair bills—never drain your spa during freezing weather. (For details, please see your Owner’s Manual.)
High-flow therapy jet massaging feet

5. Pump it Up

The latest Marquis hot tubs have either one or two pumps. One-pump models supply water to every seat. In two-pump models, each pump supplies one half of the spa. For example, turning on Pump 1 supplies water to Zone 1. Turning on Pump 2 supplies water to Zone 2. Running pumps on high speed delivers the most powerful water flow.

  • PRO TIP: If your spa has two pumps, you may conserve energy by using one pump at a time. For example, if you are soaking alone, you can simply run the pump which supplies the therapy seat(s) you are using.
Woman enjoying a MicroSilk oxygen skin therapy treatment

6. Enjoy MicroSilk®

If your hot tub has MicroSilk Oxygen Skin Therapy, you are in for a luxurious treat! The system is designed to work when the main pumps are turned off. Then, pushing the MicroSilk button activates a dedicated MicroSilk pump. Depending on the size of your spa, it may take several minutes for the dissolved oxygen cloud to fully permeate the spa water.

  • PRO TIP: During a MicroSilk session, add SpaZazz® aromatherapy crystals (or, liquid elixirs) as directed on the bottle. SpaZazz products are formulated for hot tub use and add extra layers of bliss to your experience. (But never use oily essences or Epsom salts in a hot tub.)
Partial overhead photo of V94 hot tub

7. Know the Knobs

Each Marquis hot tub series has therapy control knobs to divert water flow to different seats. Depending on your hot tub model, these knobs have different names:

In addition, smaller knobs are located next to the seat(s) they control. Most of these knobs control air bubbles for the nearby seat. Some models may also have knobs to turn neck jets on or off. Lastly, there is always one knob dedicated to turning waterfalls on or off.

  • Crown Collection hot tubs also feature “JETS” buttons on selected models. These circular buttons control the pump speed for jets in that seating area.
Example of therapy control zone diagrams from a V94 hot tub

8. Get in the Zone

In your Owner’s Manual, there is a section for each model entitled: “Therapy Controls.” Start by locating the diagrams for your particular spa model. As you will see, your spa is divided into different sections (or, zones). Each section has a large therapy control knob assigned to it. In the diagram, each knob—and the jets it controls—are highlighted in black.


  • Pictured above are therapy control diagrams for the V94 hot tub (Vector21 Series). The V94 has two pumps, so it has two main zones. Zone 1 (pictured) controls one half of the spa, and Zone 2 (not pictured) controls the other half.
  • As pictured, Zone 1 is located on the left-hand side of the spa. Zone 1 has three sections: 1A, 1B and 1C. Look at Zone 1A at about the 9 o’clock position, and notice the large V3 Throttle Control knob highlighted in black. The jetpods it controls are also highlighted in black. Now look at Zone 1C, which highlights the Whitewater-4™ jet in the center of the footwell. Can you find which knob controls it? (HINT: The knob is located on the left-hand side of the filters, near the 12 o’clock position.)
Woman adjusting the Dynamic Flow Control valve on a Crown Collection hot tub

9. Customize Your Therapy

Each Marquis series offers unique ways to fine-tune your hydromassage for a customized experience:

  • Celebrity Hot Tubs and Marquis Elite Series have adjustable jet inserts. This means you can vary water flow by turning each jet face right or left. When turned all the way up, you feel more power through the jet. When turned down, you feel less power, but nearby jets feel more powerful. For maximum water flow everywhere, turn every jet insert all the way up. Some hot tub models have diverter valves to supply water flow to specific seat groups.
  • Vector21 Series hot tubs supply water flow to each section of the spa. Then, using the V3 Throttle Controls (labeled “Z” for zone), you can fine-tune the water flow from 0% to 100%. Turning a seat completely off allows you to quietly soak, while the person in the seat next to you continues to enjoy their hydromassage. For example, if your spa has a Commander’s Lounge (V65L, V77L, V84L, V94L), you can turn off all the seats in that section—except for the lounge. Then, all the available water flow will go to the lounge. In addition, smaller knobs—marked “A” for air control, and “N” for neck jets—are located next to the seat(s) they operate.
  • Crown Collection hot tubs follow the same zone principle, in that each section of the spa has its own Dynamic Flow Control. This revolutionary design lets you share water flow among all the blue jets in a section, isolate the flow into targeted High-Output Therapy™ (H.O.T.™) Zones, or blend water flow anywhere in-between. Best of all, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. H.O.T. Zone jets have red nozzles so they are easy to identify.
A group of four people enjoying the Woodstock Elite hot tub

10. Be Social

Connecting with family and friends is one of the best reasons to own a hot tub or swim spa. But you can also help other people eager to experience the hot tub lifestyle. How so? By following Marquis on social media, posting photos of your spa area design, and sharing helpful feedback. Plus, we post useful tips and offer special giveaways throughout the year!

A happy couple enjoying the Hollywood Elite hot tub

Have a Great Year!

Thank you for choosing Marquis! We sincerely appreciate the confidence you have placed in us, and are overjoyed to know our products will improve your quality of life. From easing physical and mental discomfort, to creating opportunities for social and romantic connection. We wish you many happy years of spa ownership. Happy soaking!