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Ryan Truex on Visualizing Success

Ahead of the 2019 Roval at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Ryan Truex reflects on his background in racing, and how visualizing success helps him to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.

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How to Improve Your Aquatic Fitness with ATV™ Swim Spas

Aquatic Fitness with ATV™ Swim Spas When someone says “aquatic fitness” what comes to mind? Do you picture swimming laps? Perhaps it is resistance training or rowing? Maybe you think of seniors participating in a water aerobics class with flotation weights? No matter...

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Marquis Hot Tub Environments™

Hot Tub Environments Hot Tub Environments™ - What are they? Think about it. Your environment relates to your surroundings. In terms of a hot tub, an environment is what surrounds your hot tub. Marquis offers amazing hot tub additions called Environments™ made to...

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Louie’s Hot Tub Wish: Nine Months Later

Louie's Hot Tub Wish Every April, for World Wish Month, Marquis® promotes their partnership with Make-A-Wish® with The Promise of a Wish Campaign. A promotion that circulates around a hot tub model, (Wish hot tub) specifically designed with the the non-profit...

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Saltwater Systems for Hot Tubs: Yes or No?

In recent years, saltwater systems have flooded the market claiming to be the “natural” or “chemical-free” alternative to sanitize your hot tub. But are these claims accurate? Are saltwater systems really better? Let’s consider the facts so you can make the best...

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Hot Tub Financing Makes Buying a Hot Tub Easier

Have you ever wondered if financing for a swim spa or hot tub is available? Well, it is! And it’s not much different than financing a car, an appliance, or a boat/RV. Hot tubs are seen as a luxury, but should be seen as an available commodity to everyone. Hot Tub...

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March into Action with the Help of a Marquis Hot Tub

Can you believe it’s already March! Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and now everywhere you go, it’s a messy combination of St. Patrick’s Day décor and the prolific Easter bunny! So what do you do when time seems to...

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Small Hot Tubs By Marquis

Small Hot Tubs for Everyone Welcome, February! Are you ready to be introduced to the small hot tubs by Marquis® into your life? We welcome this chilly month, moving past the chaos of the holidays and shopping, and celebration of the New Year. Since life has finally...

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New Year, New You, New Hot Tub

A new calendar year brings with it all those New Year’s Resolutions, right? “I want to work out every day, I want to eat healthier, I want to build my savings, I want to travel more.” The list goes on and on and varies from health and wellness, to finance and travel,...

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Hot Tub for the Holidays

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other holiday you celebrate, we are in the thick of it! The clock is ticking away and you can already feel yourself getting behind on your to-do list. Are you familiar with this feeling? You aren’t alone. According to a study done...

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What is a Swim Spa? Marquis® Answers All Your Questions

What is a swim spa? Here at Marquis we talk a lot about hot tubs, but we also manufacture swim spas. Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATV™) are top of the line for swim training, aquatic fitness, water aerobics, relaxation and injury prevention. We're going to answer the...

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