NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver Ryan Truex, NO H8 – Shaming and Negativity

One of the more frustrating parts about racing for me is the off season. For most of my NASCAR career, I’ve gone into the short three-month break with no idea what was in store for the next year. People are constantly talking about what you’re going to do next and how you’ll take that next big step. I’ve been very fortunate to make it this far.

I started racing when I was 14, and ran my first national series race at Gateway in an Xfinity car, just four months after I turned 18. Since that race at Gateway, I’ve driven for more teams than you can count on two hands. I’ve been painfully close to winning races, landing that big sponsor, signing that contract, you name it.

Over those years, I’ve dealt with a lot of naysayers. Social media became prevalent right around the time I stepped into the NASCAR world and has only increased with time. I’ve had to learn how to block that all out and focus on my job. It was a lot harder for me to do that when I was a teenager, but I’ve learned to focus on the positivity and not let the hate get to me.

I’ve driven for teams at both ends of the spectrum in terms of quality of equipment. This year, I’ve decided to scale back a little and really focus on quality over quantity. I was lucky enough to get six races at JRM and we’re already off to a great start with a second place finish at ISM Raceway.

There were a lot of different reactions on social media to my decision to race part time this year. Some say I didn’t deserve this opportunity at all, others say I should be racing full time. But it’s not that easy. I’m really betting on myself to go out and win races this year. I’m blocking out all the noise and putting my full focus into these six races.

To see the Ryan’s schedule of races, visit marquisspas.com/truex.