NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, Ryan Truex for Marquis Hot Tubs

“They go together like hot tubs and NASCAR.” Wait, that’s not a common phrase? Well, it should be. Xfinity Series Driver, Ryan Truex has been the proud owner of a Marquis hot tub for several months. Throughout this season, his V94L has revitalized him many times for post-race relaxation, and pre-race preparation.

The twenty-seven year old originally from Mayetta, NJ, now resides is North Carolina. He spends his days with his dogs, working out, at the race shop with his team, or spending time with his family and friends when not preparing for a race or traveling. Truex says he got into racing because it was a family obsession. His older brother Martin Truex Jr, still races today!

Hot Tub Sponsor

When it came time to prepare for this season, Ryan told his team about the type of sponsors he wanted to work with. Those included pet-related products, coffee and hot tubs. Ryan says, “I’ve always wanted a hot tub and Marquis is perfect for athletes.” Ryan’s V94L is a seven person hot tub, to which Truex says, “Everyone is jealous and often says they’ve never seen a hot tub this nice.” It’s cozy and relaxing, yet has enough room for several friends to enjoy together. Seven standard massage seats, Vector Optimized Laminar Flow (V-O-L-T™) system high-flow therapy, five Variable Velocity Valves (V³) Throttle Control (Variable Velocity Valves), and ConstantClean™ with SmartClean™ filtration system makes up this powerful vessel to soak all the aches and pains, and the worries and stress of the day away. He had this to say about his hot tub, “I expected maintenance to be the biggest challenge, but it’s extremely simple.” He enjoys late night soaks with friends, listening to music using the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Hot Tub Benefits

When it comes to racing, being in a high-stress environment can be very taxing on the body and mind. Having time to decompress after training or especially after a race, is crucial to Ryan. “Racing is very tough on the body. That combined with training during the week definitely takes its toll and there are a lot of sore days. On top of that I have some injuries and plates/screws from broken bones so recovery is important for me to feel good going into a race weekend. My hot tub definitely helps recovery and keeps me feeling fresh. It gives me a place to relax and de-stress/forget about everything.” Ryan says he uses his hot tub mostly at night, about three to four times a week.

Ryan Truex relaxes in his V94L hot tub.

Though Ryan is a professional driver, he admits to not getting a perfect score on his driver’s license test. He says, “almost perfect, but I forgot to use my blinker when I parallel parked.” Make sure to check out the other blog posts from Ryan himself, on hot tub stress relief and life behind the wheel (coming soon). If you want to read more about the Marquis and Truex relationship, visit marquisspas.com/truex.