Racing Preparation and Recovery

As a race car driver, preparation for racing is one of the most important things you worry about. In a sport where many things are out of your control, this is one of the main things you can control that can make a huge difference. Lack of preparation leads to fatigue, dehydration, and lack of mental clarity.

Over the years I’ve made some changes to the way I prepare but the basics are still there. As someone who’s dealt with racing part time a lot over my career, I’ve learned how to stay sharp without being in a car every weekend. Simulators have come a long way since I started racing, and that’s one the main things I do to stay sharp. A good workout routine is important as well, and I have a go kart that I take out to the local track to get reps and practice making laps.

This year I’ve had to deal with a lot more off time between races, and that’s forced me to change my routine a bit. Harder workouts lead to more recovery time in the hot tub, and I’ve had to get more creative about what I do outside of the car to mimic the heat and mental stress that we deal with in the car. My lead up to race weekends is still the same as well. I watch a lot of tape and in car cameras from previous races, go through my notes over the years from that track, and try to gather as much useful information as I can. I’ll shift to a less intense workout regimen for the week, so I’m not physically drained before the race weekend even starts.

I started my new routine around September last year, and I feel like it has definitely helped me feel better during and after races. The Xfinity race at ISM Raceway in March of this year is probably the best I’ve felt during and after a race in a long time. That leads to better focus and mental clarity, which helps me make better decisions, and ultimately helped play a small part in leading to our second place finish.

Post-Race Recovery

Ryan Truex's toes peek out of the hot tub water.

Post-race recovery and hydration is equally as important for me. You lose a lot of fluids during a race so re-hydration is key. There is also a lot of aches and pains after being in a car for that long, and that’s where my Marquis hot tub comes in perfectly. I’ll usually take some time to relax in it the day after the race, and it’s a nice place to reflect on the race and what I can do better next time. If you want to learn more about how my Marquis spa has helped me, check out marquisspas.com/truex for more information.