Have you ever wondered if financing for a swim spa or hot tub is available? Well, it is! And it’s not much different than financing a car, an appliance, or a boat/RV. Hot tubs are seen as a luxury, but should be seen as an available commodity to everyone. Hot Tub financing makes that possible. Here are a few reasons why financing a hot tub is beneficial:

Enjoy your purchase while you pay for it, instead of after you pay for it

Financing a hot tub can be a purchase that you get to readily enjoy without having it paid for in full. The beauty of a hot tub or swim spa purchase is the variety of options you have when selecting a model to take home. When you walk into a hot tub dealership, you have the option of choosing a hot tub model you see on the floor, similar to driving a new car off the lot, or you can custom order one and prepare your home while anxiously waiting for its arrival. Either way, financing makes luxury affordable.

Hot tub financing can help you upgrade, and get what you really want

Similar to the car analogy, if you walk into a dealership planning to purchase a $7,000 hot tub, but learn you’re approved for $10,000 in credit, you just received the potential to upgrade your hot tub or swim spa and accessories. With financing, you can upgrade your purchase and get the features, size and model you really. Instead of a three-person hot tub, upgrade to a seven-person hot tub. Why settle if you don’t have to? If you want MicroSilk®, with financing, you may find it’s suddenly a possibility! Take a look at Environments™ if a step or bench is essential to safely enter and exit your hot tub. Hot tub financing makes all this possible for you. Think of the benefit you, your family, and your guests will experience.

You don’t have to decide between your wants and needs

Large purchases such as a new car or a hot tub are commodities that come with a lot of thought and consideration. Often times, they are overlooked due to other financial priorities, e.g., daughter’s wedding, medical bills, new roof on the house, etc. With financing a swim spa or hot tub, it can open possibilities and make it feasible to pay for multiple things at once. Redoing the backyard doesn’t have to wait until the roof is completed. Additionally, hot tubs and swim spas can be an immense benefit to both your mental and physical health. Perhaps it is truly a ‘need’, rather than just another ‘want’. Read about the many hot tub health benefits and how regular swim spa hydrotherapy can help you live longer.

Helps you build or rebuild your credit

Were you hit with an unfortunate bankruptcy? Are you trying to rebuild your credit? Are you a young buyer looking for an investment to help build your credit? Finding easy hot tub financing is a lot more accessible than one might think. With a Marquis Dealer it is a very quick and easy process to see if you qualify. You can apply in store or online, and in most cases, receive results almost immediately regarding approval, and how much you qualify for. It eliminates the guessing game, allowing you to find hot tub financing*, and in many cases, regardless of poor credit, virtually no credit or excellent credit.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, great! Now, where do I find hot tub financing near me?” That’s another easy question. Marquis has Dealers all over the United States and in parts of Canada who offer financing for hot tubs or swim spas. Find a hot tub Dealer near you, and begin financing your Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!®

*You have a variety of options when financing a hot tub or swim spa. These may include offers available through your local Marquis/ATV Dealer, or other financing solutions available through your local bank or credit union. All financing options are subject to credit approval. Loan terms, including APR and monthly payments, may differ based on the lender you select, the loan amount, the term length, and your credit profile. If you have concerns about your credit profile, or required financial guidance of any kind, please consult a qualified financial advisor in your area.