Aquatic Fitness with ATV™ Swim Spas

When someone says “aquatic fitness” what comes to mind? Do you picture swimming laps? Perhaps it is resistance training or rowing? Maybe you think of seniors participating in a water aerobics class with flotation weights? No matter what you imagine, it’s all part of aquatic fitness. Marquis hot tubs and our line of Aquatic Training Vessels™ are perfect for your aquatic exercise regimen or rehabilitation and recovery from intense workouts. Almost all workout consist of running, yoga or Pilates, or conditioning training. Perhaps your preferred workout is an aerobics class at your gym? So, if you’re looking for a new method of exercise, or are willing to explore new types of exercise, utilizing an ATV™ swim spa is the best thing you could do for yourself this summer!

What is an ATV™ swim spa?

First of all, what is a swim spa? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, think of a swim spa as a pool and hot tub hybrid, but cranked up a few notches. A swim spa has the length and width providing full range of motion for swimming various strokes. Powerful jets forcing out water creates a strong current. As a result, the swimmer can adjust  controls to swim against an intense or a mild current, or just splash around. Similar to those seats commonly found in a hot tub, ATV swim spas, come equipped with two therapy seats for rest, recovery and muscle rejuvenation. All this is constructed into one self-contained vessel! Visit our website to view available models.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use a swim spa, and you can do virtually any type of exercise in a swim spa. For people with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, exercising in a conventional way can be painful on joints and muscles.  It can exacerbate the condition and become more damaging than beneficial to their health or condition. Aquatic fitness provides the same workout opportunities to people who might need modified or specialized treatment. Heated-water exercise allows muscles and joints to relax, creating a fulfilling, low-impact workout all in the comfort of their own backyard. Additionally, experienced swimmers can also find Aquatic Training Vessels to be very beneficial in their swim training. Jet control allows for current adjustment if the swimmer desires a mild workout or a more intense workout.


Aquatic fitness does not need to be limited to just swimming against a current. Optional accessories include stretch-cord rowing, and resistance stretch cords or tethers for additional resistance training. Tethers offer anchored swimming and resistant stroke mechanics to target form and control. Rowing attachments allow you to focus on upper-body symmetry and low-impact strength conditioning. Any number of exercise combinations may be achieved to match your fitness level and goals.

Aerobic bench in swim spa with user stepping off.

swimmer in swim spa, using resistance tether for exercise

Another component to add to your aquatic fitness is an aerobic step. Don’t limit your workout to swim strokes and upper body resistance training. Further exercise your lower body with a step that can be used to work your legs and calves.

Aquatic fitness can mean many things to many people. No matter what your preference is, an Aquatic Training Vessel can help you reach your fitness goals, provide a fun and an active space for your family or an oasis for a leisurely swim. Visit the ATV™ website to learn more, find a Dealer near you, see available models, and read about swimming to lose weight. It’s our goal that you have the Ultimate Swim Spa Experience.