A new calendar year brings with it all those New Year’s Resolutions, right? “I want to work out every day, I want to eat healthier, I want to build my savings, I want to travel more.” The list goes on and on and varies from health and wellness, to finance and travel, to decluttering your home and more.

What is it about New Year’s Resolutions that make them so hard to stick to? Are your goals unrealistic? Do you have someone to help keep you accountable? Will you enjoy the process of change? The factors that get in the way of resolutions becoming habits, or reaching your goals  all comes down to mindset. You have to be in the best mindset possible to set your goals, and stick to them until they become habits Eventually, your drastic lifestyle change of opting for a green smoothie or saving your coffee money can be a resolution realized, and is no longer a big deal.

Create a healthy environment to thrive in.
Whether that means purging your closet, rearranging your living room, or even renovating a space in your home, all these options can help you to cultivate your thoughts and ideas in a nurturing environment. Consider painting the walls, or adding plants to a room. Instead of using blinds to cover your windows, consider high mounted curtains – this can make the room appear bigger; allowing you to feel free and spacious in what could actually be a cramped room or apartment.

Make your resolutions/goals realistic and measureable.
You want to run a marathon? Awesome! Running a marathon requires months of training and conditioning. Start by shooting for running a 5k. Run for a certain time period every day for a number of days and continue to increase until you hit three miles. Sign up for a race and use that as your starting point. Continue training and run an 8k, a 10k, then a half marathon and before you know it, you will have reached your goal because you were realistic and gave yourself ‘small wins’ that helped push you toward your ‘big win’. This same practice can be used in decluttering a house, saving money, reading more, or any other resolution.

Get a massage.
No, seriously, go get one! Massage salons purposely create a calm and relaxing environment that allow their guests to feel completely serene as they enter, during their massage and afterwards. When setting goals, making plans and lifestyle changes, it’s so important to have mental clarity- to think about your resolutions from various angles, to be prepared for anything. The experience of having your muscles tended to obviously feels amazing as well. However, if you don’t have time or money to get a massage every week, we suggest investing in a Marquis hot tub. What might seem like a large expense will reap more benefits than we can even begin to explain. High-flow hydrotherapy is the next level of massage therapy. Click to learn more.

Take time to plan/reflect
It’s easy to say “I want to do _______”. But what steps are you going to take to help you get there? If your goal is to save money to go on a vacation, or buy a new car – you have to spend time planning. Plan to make coffee at home, so save your $5 instead of going through the Starbucks drive through. If you want to spend more time reading, restrict your screen time by putting timers on your electronics that encourage you to put down your phone or tablet. And when the week is done, reflect. See what things worked and what didn’t and make adjustments accordingly. Couldn’t get to the gym on Thursday because of _____. That’s okay, try to go in the morning, or go for a brisk walk on your lunch. But most importantly give yourself grace. You’ll fail more often than you’ll succeed and that’s just a part of life.

Take time to mentally and physically relax.
In our busy world, this is much easier said than done. But taking 20-30 minutes to relax is one of the most important things you can do for your body and mind each and every day. For some it’s taking the dog for a walk, or going to Hot Yoga every Saturday morning. For others, it could be trying out a new recipe, or ending the day with a nice soak in a Marquis hot tub. Studies have shown that regular hydrotherapy is great for relieving muscle tension, stress relief, chronic pain, improving sleep and more. Explore our website to learn more about the health benefits of owning a Marquis hot tub as well as all the customizable options.

Any goal, or resolution is easily attainable if you are realistic and disciplined! Have friends join you and make it a group effort! Happy New Year and good luck with all your resolutions and endeavors!

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