Small Hot Tubs for Everyone

Welcome, February! Are you ready to be introduced to the small hot tubs by Marquis® into your life? We welcome this chilly month, moving past the chaos of the holidays and shopping, and celebration of the New Year. Since life has finally calmed down, there’s more of a reason than ever to invest in a small hot tub. It’s time to prioritize and take care of you: Whether your kids are grown and out of the house, or you’re newlyweds enjoying the simplicity of having only Fido to wrangle, Marquis has the perfect hot tub for you!

Round Hot Tubs

Marquis’ newest hot tub models come from the Celebrity Elite series; the Monaco Elite! This hot tub adopts that classic round hot tub structure and features a lounge (unique for round hot tubs),, two deep therapy seats with full-back therapy and two bucket seats; perfect for as many as five people, or enjoy it with your loved one for an intimate night at home. Class things up a bit with the stainless steel jet faces, and optional full-foam insulation, Motown™ audio with Bluetooth, Twilight™ LED multipoint accent lighting and a 240V performance upgrade. Read more here!


If bling just ain’t your style, simplify your choice with a standard model, Monaco from the Celebrity Hot Tubs series. With convenience and ease, the Monaco is a plug-and-play model that only requires the standard 120V plug in. To find out more about the Monaco, click here.

Cozy and Intimate

When most people think of a hot tub, they immediately envision a large box of water taking up a lot of space. But Marquis strives to develop hot tubs ideal for anyone in any situation. Whether you live in a city view apartment, or own property out in the country, Marquis has the perfect size and shape hot tub for you!

The Nashville Elite is private and small in size but is perfect for the busy person who enjoys quiet time alone to relax and regroup after a hectic day. The intimate design of the Nashville Elite offers seating for two people and a generous lounge seat with foot, calf, hamstring and back jets sure to loosen up tight muscles and soak stresses away. Like the Monaco and Monaco Elite, the Nashville Elite is a plug-and-play model, (120V) with an optional upgrade to 240V.

The Nashville is also available as a standard model for those who enjoy simplicity and tranquility. Read more about the Nashville here.

Triangular Hot Tubs

In addition to Marquis’ unique round hot tubs; the Monaco and Monaco Elite, and small sized hot tubs; such as the Nashville and Nashville Elite, Marquis has developed a triangular hot tub! The Rendezvous seats three people, has 14 jets and also is a plug-and-play 120V system. The Rendezvous is part of Marquis’ Signature series which offers many optional amenities. Environments™ for easy access, and storage around the hot tub, Bluetooth audio and SpaTouch2™ touchscreen controls, Constellation™ LED multicolor accent lighting and even the option of upgrading to the Ultimate Package! To read more about the Rendezvous click here!

Small hot tubs are easy to find

Marquis is proud to offer multiple hot tubs in a variety of sizes and shapes with even more options and upgrades to customize your hot tub experience. From Marquis’ Celebrity Hot Tub series to the Signature collection, there is something for everyone. Use the Hot Tub Finder to narrow your search and find exactly what you’re looking for! Or if you already know exactly what you want, waste no time and reach out to the Marquis Dealer nearest you with our Dealer Locator!

Marquis makes it fun and easy to treat yourself! Invest in yourself and invest in a Marquis hot tub. Give yourself The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!