What is a swim spa? Here at Marquis we talk a lot about hot tubs, but we also manufacture swim spas. Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATV™) are top of the line for swim training, aquatic fitness, water aerobics, relaxation and injury prevention. We’re going to answer the age-old question, what is a swim spa?

What is a swim spa?

Often referred to as a swimming machine, a swim spa is a self-contained vessel, using powered jets to swim in place, giving the illusion of swimming laps in a regular sized pool. Combining the versatility of a regular pool and the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub, we bring you ATV™ swim spas.

ATV™ swim spas versus Lap Pools

So, what makes a swim spa better than a lap pool? The ability to swim and play freely in a pool is one of the many simple pleasures of life. In a swim spa you can have these benefits and more! How? Our ATV™ swim spas were designed with versatility in mind. Whether you are swim training or splashing around for fun, our swim spas have plenty of space for you and several of your loved ones. We offer four different swim spas in two lengths; 17 feet and 14 feet, with a width of over seven feet, and a height of over five feet.

Swim Training

Regular swim training by doing laps in a traditional pool can be difficult depending on the type of pool you use. Do you use an Olympic-size pool at the gym? If so, you constantly “hit a wall”, turn around, and try to manage training with other people doing the same thing. The same goes for an installed pool at home. Most backyard above-ground pools are round, which makes swim training nearly impossible, unless you prefer swimming in circles while avoiding the step ladder. The ATV™ swim spa line can revolutionize your swim training experience by providing a contained, spacious and powerful swimming experience.

ATV™-14 Splash and ATV™-14 Sport

Our smaller models, the ATV™-14 Splash and ATV™-14 Sport, are 14 feet long. The ATV™-14 Splash operates off a single 160 GPM (gallons per minute) dual-speed pump, creating a more relaxed flow for your preferred aquatic activity. This still allows for an effective swim workout, allowing you to stretch, soak, or like the name suggests, splash.

The ATV™ 14-Sport is identical in size, with the ability to provide a greater and more intense water flow for your aerobic workout. The Sport has three dual-speed pumps (each at 160 GPM) and those two extra pumps help create a total flow rate of 480 GPM. This swim spa is perfect for strength building, and rehabilitation conditioning exercises.

ATV™ 17-Sport and ATV™ 17-Kona

Our larger models the ATV™-17 Sport and the ATV™-17 Kona measure 17 feet in length. The ATV™-17 Sport has the same three dual-speed pumps as the ATV™-14 Sport but has three additional feet added to improve and amp up your aerobic workout. An added five inches of water depth creates a versatile experience whether you are swimming for fun or sport.

The ATV™ 17-Kona delivers top-of-the-line swim training and conditioning. Similar to the 14 foot models, the Kona has three pumps, but offers higher performance with two dual-speed 360 GPM and one dual-speed 160 GPM. Together, these create a flow rate of 1,000 GPM!

If you are a rafting enthusiast, then you know that Class 4 white water is known as “advanced”. The Kona offers six Whitewater-4™ jets! These deliver 39% more flow compared to other swim spas on the market. You can mix and match the individual pump speeds to create differing flow volumes from the six jets for a unique swim training experience. Another component, unique to The ATV™ 17-Kona is the mid-vessel Buoyancy jets that provide additional jet flow and lift around the mid to low torso region.

Additional Training

All ATV™ swim spas come equipped with various tools to amplify your swim training experience. Resistance and Rowing Kit, and swim tethers provide another dynamic workout for your body. This gives upper-body muscles a rigorous workout while also being low impact due to the water warmth and movement. Other features include a removable Aqua Aerobic Step for lower body exercise, and single or dual swim tether points for additional resistance.


Access in and out of the vessel is made easy with stairs inside, (pictured below.) You can complete the look with ATV™ Environments™, with optional exterior steps and benches to provide convenient access and storage for towels, resistance tools and your favorite swim toys.


What next?

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, great! But what if I just want to relax?” Don’t worry! Each of our swim spas has two therapy seats on either side of the staircase with an array of jets targeting the neck, shoulders, lumbar, legs and feet. Improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation and experience a variety of additional health benefits. These seats offer the chance to relax and reconnect with a loved one, or even get some much needed muscle massage before or after your aquatic workout

The social and entertainment aspect of owning an ATV™ swim spa is endless. Kids can invite their friends over to swim and play, you can relax, or your spouse can work out. Investing in an ATV™ swim spa could be the best thing for you and your family. What are you waiting for? For more information, visit www.atvswimspas.com.


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