The Right Test Strip for Your Marquis Hot Tub

Are you using the right test strip for your water care system? In most instances, if you are getting an extremely low or off-the-chart high reading, it could be because you’ve got the wrong test strip – small overlooked details like this can lead to inaccurate or misleading results.

What You Should Know

Serene® is a low-volume bromine system used in conjunction with the inline system for certain Marquis hot tubs. This means that 1-2 ppm (parts per million) is the optimum reading for a Serene® water care system. Standard bromine test strips do not begin registering until 2 ppm. Because the system is low volume, the sanitizer may not register on a standard strip.  This means you should always test the Serene® system with a Frog® bromine strip.

@ease with SmartChlor™ chlorine is made up of two molecules, one of which remains in reserve in the water until needed, when it then converts to usable chlorine. SmartChlor™ has its very own test strip because there are two molecules of chlorine in the system, therefore if you use a standard chlorine test strip the reading will be abnormally high. Always use an @ease strip with the @ease system.

So, Which One Do I Use?

A 6-in-1 test strip is most commonly used for testing water. If you are using granular chlorine or Marquis®1-Step Brominating Granules, you’’ need to properly balance the water and test for either bromine or chlorine. However, a 6-in-1 strip cannot read accurately if used with Serene® or @ease with SmartChlor™.

Have questions? Read more in depth information about Marquis hot tub filters, water care and chemicals. Want to learn more about what system is best for your Marquis® hot tub? Head on over to your local Marquis Dealer!