How To Conserve Hot Tub Water During Droughts

In some areas, “droughts” is a foreign concept, to others, it can be a annual occurrence. Living in an area with drought conditions may be challenging if your city is sending notices to ration water or cut water usage. But did you know a hot tub uses less water than the same space of a green lawn? Keeping a lawn green requires a lot of water, but with a hot tub there is a limited amount of water used in the tub and it may only need to be changed every 3-4 months. There are several ways to keep a hot tub maximized to its fullest water saving potential during a drought.

Clean Filters

The first thing to do to conserve water during a drought is to make sure the filters are clean. Clean filters capture suspended particles in the water, reducing the amount of times needed to change the water. We recommend having two sets of filters on hand, use one set in the hot tub and keep the others cleaned and prepared for use. With two sets you can rotate the filters and soak them overnight to remove stubborn particles. With the filter working to remove impurities from the hot tub, it’s possible to conserve water for longer periods between changing.

How do I know when I need to change my hot tub water?

The water after a few months of use will begin to not feel as fresh as it did when it was first filled. It will feel like the water is “heavy” not soft and silky. It will begin to cloud. It may cause eye irritation even though the pH readings are correct and there is no chloramine smell. It will foam. Because of this foaming more chemicals are added, which will saturate the water and create total dissolved solids. Because TDS may not be sanitized out, measurements over 3,000 ppm will require a water change.

Fewer Hot Tub Water Changes

If you keep your water balanced and limit the amount of chemicals you add, it will last longer, especially during the hot summer months, or during a drought. Here are a few tips for extending the life of the water:

  1. Add only the chemicals you need, extra “softeners” with oil add weight to the water.
  2. Assure the hot tub has an ozonator to oxidize organic material.
  3. Occasionally remove 12” of water and refill with fresh.
  4. Rinse off before using your tub.
  5. Always keep water sanitized and balanced. The well maintained hot tub will require less water changes.

Reduce Water Evaporation

If you are not using your tub often, then you should lower the water temperature. This will keep water from evaporating, thus conserving more water. Evaporation also occurs if the cover is left off of your hot tub, so be sure to keep your cover secured and locked with the skirt in place over the acrylic. If you own a Marquis® tub, the DuraCover™ has been designed to keep a seal over the hot tub limiting evaporation of water. A nice snug fit will assure less water escapes by condensation. This is helpful in cold months when trying to retain heat, and keep energy costs low, as well as prevent water evaporation during a drought or a hot time of year.

Prevent Water Loss

Another step is to consider the use a solar blanket under the cover. Your hot tub retailer can recommend a solar blanket to help avoid water loss. Typically made from foam or plastic, it is designed to float on top of the waterline. This added barrier between the waterline and the underside of the cover will help to keep chemicals where they belong, in the water. A solar blanket will also help to reduce evaporation, by not allowing moisture to escape from the waterline. Assure you have one that is solid and will not float into the skimmer; less expensive blankets get soft with the heat and can drift or be drawn into the filters.

Visit your hot tub store

Many hot tub retailers offer courses for water chemistry. No matter what system you use, as long as your chemicals are balanced and water is sanitized, you’ll keep your water longer and every bit helps during a drought. Saving water is important, keep it longer by keeping it clean and balanced. With systems like the Marquis® in-line dispenser, there’s no touching of the chemicals, simply set and snap in place. Learn more about Marquis clean water system.