Not surprisingly, hot tub owners often prefer to soak in hot water during the colder months. But what about the spring and summer? Actually, hot tubs can be used all year long if you know what to do. This article shares a few tips to bring the water temperature down, and get more pleasure and relaxation from your hot tub when the weather is hot.

Lowering hot tub water temperature

For starters, use your hot tub’s control panel to lower the thermostat settings. The lowest temperature setting on Marquis hot tubs is 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16°C). Keep in mind that our body’s average internal temperature is about 98.6 degrees (37°C), and about 91 degrees (33°C) on the skin surface. So, water at 85 degrees (30°C) can feel pleasantly cool. In fact, Olympic swimming pools are often kept at a comfortable 77-82 degrees (25-28°C) temperature range.

Beside the thermostat setting, other factors will influence the water temperature. The biggest influence is the ambient, or outside temperature where you live, followed by your hot tub’s insulation. Marquis manufactures hot tubs with superior insulation to help keep your water warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Soak in the morning

Enjoying hydrotherapy first thing in the morning—before the heat of the day—is a simple way to use your hot tub through summer. After all, starting off on a good foot helps the rest of your day. In the morning, hydrotherapy increases blood flow and helps you to wake you up. And if you enjoy early morning jogs, hydrotherapy helps to reduce stiffness before your run or reduce soreness afterward.

Soak in the evening

Evenings are another great time to enjoy your hot tub once the outside temperature cools down. After all, unwinding after a long day is one of the joys of hot tub ownership! Studies have shown that soaking in warm water helps to relax, not only your joints and muscles, but also your mind. Hydrotherapy promotes restful sleep, helping to reduce insomnia and restless legs syndrome (RLS). About 15-30 minutes of relaxation in your hot tub before bedtime helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Put time limits on your use

Naturally, sweating can lead to dehydration and dizziness. So be mindful of the time duration when you soak in warm water. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fresh water—especially on a hot day!

Removing the hot tub cover overnight

If it is safe to do so, removing your hot tub cover at night can expel heat and cool down your water. Depending on the ambient temperature where you live, you could expect to lose about one degree per hour. Of course, the overnight temperature difference in Arizona or Texas may not be as drastic as a summer night in Seattle or Chicago. So, the efficiency of this method depends on your region. In any case, remember to turn down your hot tub’s temperature setting first. Otherwise heat loss will trigger the system’s pre-programmed settings to begin reheating the water again.

If you choose to use this method, be especially cautious if you have children or small pets. Never remove your hot tub cover if there is a risk of unsupervised access. Also be mindful of overhanging trees or nearby sources of debris, since removing your cover allows more time for debris to collect in the water.

What about the daytime? Leaving the cover off during the day may cause sun damage to your hot tub, so be cautious if it is not protected from direct sunlight. 

Partial water refill

Another tip for lowering your water temperature is partially draining the water and refilling it with hose water, which is usually about 65 degrees (18°C). Again, make sure to turn the heater down to the lowest temperature setting, which is 60 degrees (16°C) on Marquis hot tubs.

An added benefit of mixing in fresh water is the opportunity to re-balance its chemistry. This provides two extra benefits beyond cooling the water:

  • Partially draining your hot tub removes total dissolved solids (TDS) which can accumulate over time and saturate your water.
  • Diluting with fresh water extends your water quality so you can change it less often.

The ultimate goal

Ultimately, the goal of using your hot tub is to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage. The more benefits you enjoy throughout the year, the better your quality of life can be. With a few simple adjustments, it’s not hard to love your Marquis hot tub all year long. Happy soaking!

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