Enjoy Your Marquis® Hot Tub During Hot Summer Months

The majority of hot tub owners prefer to use their tubs in winter when hot water is preferred, but what about spring, summer? We’re here to show how you can you get the most pleasure and relaxation from your Marquis hot tub during hot summer months. Hot tubs are a commodity that can be used year-round. All you need are a few tips to bring down the temperature when you can’t stand the heat outside.

Decrease the temperature of your hot tub

Using the control panel settings, simple lower the thermostat. This helps you comfortably relax and maintain regular use of your Marquis hot tub in those hot summer months. The lowest temperature setting on Marquis hot tubs is 60 degrees, but keeps in mind our body’s internal temperature is generally 98.6 degrees and 91 degrees at the surface. Water at 85 degrees feels pleasantly cool rather than warm. Olympic swimming pools are often kept at a comfortable high 70’s to low 80’s range in temperature. Another component to consider is that Marquis makes it a point to manufacture hot tubs with superior insulation to keep you warm in the winter, which also result in less heat lost, even in the summer (depending on the ambient temperature of where you live) .

Use your hot tub in the morning

Using your hot tub first thing in the morning, before the heat of the day is probably the best way to go during the hot summer months. How you start your morning usually determines how your day goes. Whether it’s up and running with a few miles on the pavement or slow and relaxed in a hot tub: using your hot tub first thing in the morning is a great way to increase blood flow and wake you up.

Utilize your hot tub in the evening

Another options is to use your hot tub after the temperature has dropped outside. Studies have shown that soaking in warm water not only helps your body and muscles relax, but your mind as well. So why not have a good soak after a long day to help you unwind? It also aids in restful sleep. About 15-30 minutes of relaxed time in a hot tub can help with insomnia, produce more melatonin to allow you to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply. Additional benefits are muscle tension relief.

Put time limits on your use

Any time you soak in warm water, you should be mindful of the duration because dehydration and dizziness are possible. If you choose to utilize your hot tub on a hot day, make sure you’re drinking water!

Leave the cover off your hot tub overnight

Doing this, you could expect to lose about one degree per hour. Take caution when using this method due to children and animal safety as well as debris collecting in the tub. Another factor is where you live. If you live in Arizona or Texas, you’re likely to experience less efficiency with this method, as the outdoor temperature would be drastically different than a summer day in Seattle, or Chicago. Leaving the cover off during the day may cause sun damage to your hot tub, so be cautious if your hot tub is not protected from direct sunlight. Remember to turn the heater down, or all that heat loss will result in the hot tub’s preprogramming to begin reheating the water.

Partial water refill

Drain a portion of the water and replace it with hose water, which usually is about 65 degrees. Make sure to turn the heater to the lowest temperature setting; which is about 60 degrees.

  1. It will mix your water, allowing you to rebalance. This approach will actually give you two additional benefits unrelated to cool water;
  2. It will also remove totally dissolved solids which can develop after water saturation occurs. Water saturation is caused by adding too many chemicals.  By diluting the water you’ll be able to change it less often.

It’s not hard to love your Marquis hot tub all year long. You just have to go Below the Surface. Make sure to follow our social media pages for updates on new blog posts.