Hot Tub Maintenance

One of the top concerns of hot tub buyers is hot tub maintenance. Do they need to take a chemistry class to care for the water? Are they going to spend all their spare time cleaning the hot tub? And what about the cost? All these concerns make them question the decision to buy a hot tub in the first place.

We can help and we have made it simple. To begin with, Marquis®’ ConstantClean™ water management and SmartClean™ filtration systems take care of the water for you so you have more time for fun! You will love the feel of truly clean water. Find out more about clean hot tub water.

Next come the chemicals and filters. We have carefully produced a line of products to make hot tub maintenance simple. Our SpaCare™ products help you to properly care for your hot tub investment and to make your hot water experience painless and easy.

Water Care & Maintenance

Protecting the bather is the most important aspect of water care. Sanitizers including Brominating Tablets and Chlorinating Granules are used to eliminate bacteria and viruses while Shock Oxidizer removes organic waste. Protecting the hot tub investment is also an important aspect as improper chemical balance can quickly destroy a hot tub and poor water care damage is usually not covered under warranty. Proper hot tub care can be achieved by focusing on proper water balance and the use of specialty cleaners.

Here’s a simple list to keep in mind when it comes to hot tub maintenance:

1. Most importantly you want to keep the water clean and healthy. This means eliminating bacteria, viruses, and keeping the tub free from odors, stains and scale.
2. Follow a regular maintenance program. See suggestions below.
3. Prevent problems before they become major issues. It’s easier and cost efficient to prevent problems rather than fix them.

Hot Tub Surface Care & Maintenance

Marquis® SpaCare™ line has numerous products to keep your hot tub clean, polished and protected. The line includes Spa Bright cleaner that is specially made to clean hot tubs.  Our specially formulated cleaner is a non-foaming degreaser and all purpose cleaner. Our CoverCleaner  rejuvenates, protects and cleans your vinyl spa cover which is a valuable asset in protecting your hot tub, keeping the water clean and saving energy!

NEVER use common household cleaners as they can harm water quality and generate unsightly scum.

Hot Tub Filter Care & Maintenance

The filter is a very important component to consider for clean water. If your filters are dirty, it doesn’t matter what chemicals you use, you will not have clean water! People think their filter is clean after spraying it with a garden hose. This is only effective in removing surface dirt and debris but will not remove the build-up of body oils, lotions, metals or minerals. The Rapid Action Filter Cleaner is easy to use and lifts the oils and greases, minerals and scale embedded into the filter to the surface. Now you can spray it off with a hose and keep your filter performance at peak efficiency.

Here are the recommended water parameter guidelines:

  • pH:   7.4 – 7.6
  • Total Alkalinity:   80 – 120 PPM
  • Calcium Hardness:   150 – 250 PPM
  • Max Temperature: 104°F (40°C)
  • Total Dissolved Solids: 1500 PPM
  • Test water on a regular basis and often
  • Test sanitizer to protect bathers

pH is the MOST important chemical factor in water balance! If it is outside of the recommended range there may be some maintenance that needs to be done.

The second most important chemical factor in water balance is Total Alkalinity. Having the Total Alkalinity in the proper range will help maintain correct pH levels.  The third most important chemical factor is Calcium Hardness. Calcium Hardness is the measurement of the level of dissolved calcium in water. If the pH or Total Alkalinity rises or if water temperature gets too high, Calcium will precipitate to form cloudy water or scale. Learn more about managing pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

Next Steps

The rules of the game have changed – You no longer need a chemistry degree to care for your hot tub water. Marquis®’ ConstantClean™ Water Management System with SmartClean™ filtration give you a heads up on the process. You are closer to becoming a water care specialist. And rest assured: Marquis® SpaCare™ products are there to make your spa life lower maintenance, less time consuming and give you more time to soak and relax in your hot tub. Marquis® – The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™

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