So, you own a hot tub, but not just any hot tub, you own a Marquis® .  One of the many questions wit hot tub ownership is “how often should I treat my Marquis® hot tub water? Your hot tub provides many benefits to you and your life; better sleep, de-stress zone, an oasis for relaxation, relief for muscle tension, the list goes on. To ensure the longevity of your hot tub, regular water care is vital. If you’re new to the hot tub owners club, you should probably have a few points cleared up about how you treat your spa to protect your investment.

We will break this down into sections so you can set reminders and understand some very basic cleaning. Some routine maintenance may need to be performed before/after every use, while others may need to take place monthly/quarterly/annually. There are times when cleaning will be very quick, others may take a little more of a time commitment. Either way, it’s important to know, plan and be prepared for each kind of maintenance your hot tub will require

How Often Should I Treat My Marquis® Hot Tub Water? 

Before and After Each Use

The most important point to water care is balance.  You have to balance the pH in the tub, adding pH and alkalinity Increaser if the pH is low, then pH down or alkalinity down if pH is too high.  Only after the spa has been balanced should you verify there is sanitizer in the water. Marquis has developed several water care supplies tailored to the Marquis hot tub, simply ask your dealer for genuine, quality chemicals, made by Marquis.

Check the Water Quality Before Each Use

You want to be sure the hot tub is sanitized for the bather’s health.  If the tub is low on sanitizer, shock the hot tub with a non-chlorine shock and you could be in hot water in about 15 minutes.  If you use a standard sanitizer, such as chlorine or bromine, you should not enter the water until the reading for Chlorine/Bromine is below 5 ppm (parts per million).

What is the Secret Behind Great Water?

Once you have balanced the water using pH & alkalinity Increaser or pH down or Alkalinity down, allow about 3 hours to let the chemicals work. The water chemistry will be less likely to bounce or move up and down if it is balanced first.


One Step Deeper

Keeping your hot tub water clean and sanitized, is not difficult, it’s really simple, when you enter the hot tub, you will perspire, leaving sweat and oils in the water; these organisms are organics.  When organics are left in the tub, they must be cleaned out, by sanitizing, then oxidation.  You kill the organism by sanitization, meaning it is killed on contact, but the dead bacteria must be “burned” or oxidized off.

As an oxidizer, MPS or monopersulfate is a non-chlorine shock that will allow you to enter the tub 15 minutes after the tub has been treated.

After Each Use

Sanitize to prevent bacterial growth.  A spa, because of warm water, is also a haven for organisms that seek to reproduce and cause water to become hazy and cloudy.  This usually means the tub needs oxidizing, and while a sanitizer kills bacteria within 30 seconds, you still have to remove the dead bacteria from the water or it will smell funny. For more info on water chemicals specifics- see our blog “Hot Tub Water Care

Every Time You Refill Your Hot Tub

How often you change your water will be dependent on how many people use the tub and how often, it is also a direct result of what you add to the water.  It is a simple rule, the more you put into the spa the more solids are added, leaving you with what is called total dissolved solids or TDS.  That means you need a deep clean, such as the Ultimate Cleans purge system.  This will require you to use this foamy product to remove any buildup on plumbing.  Add the appropriate amount, and then wipe the surface clean with a Spa Brite spray on cleaner.  Drain, clean and refill with fresh water.

Once a Year

Inspect your spa for any visible signs of potential problems, purchase a replacement filter, and prepare for the upcoming season, buy purchasing your chemicals.  Knowing what you need will help you through the year and keep you fully protected and will protect your investment.

What is Special About Marquis?

Marquis has one of the best water care system, the Inline system, which is boosted by the addition of ozone to the hot tub.  If you have a choice (ozone is standard on the Signature series) to either get ozone or not, please make sure you add one.  All Marquis hot tubs are ozone compatible. Ozone is a production of an electrostatically charged molecule transforming to Oxygen 3, which is very volatile and seeks organisms to destroy.  It is also very desirable as no residual is left in the hot tub, nothing to build up, and the molecule when used up reverts back to oxygen.  This reduces the need for adding chemicals as it also sanitizes.

There are many details that go into how to clean your Marquis® hot tub water maintenance, but if you are knowledgeable, consistent and prepared, your hot tub will live a long and healthy life. Some care just requires going Below the Surface. Happy Cleaning!