Its election time in America and while there are many important decisions to be made, there is none more critical for Marquis® then finding their new rubber duck representative! During the month of October Marquis® is hosting a heated election in search for a new feathered friend to represent their company. Marquis® is turning to the public to help find the best floating hot tub companion by hosting the election on Facebook and including a contest. Anyone who votes, can also enter to win a free Marquis® e-Series 545 hot tub!

The race kicked off on October 1st with three candidates dueling for the title, “Official Marquis® Rubber Duck.” While this is not a newly created position, as it was held previously by a generic yellow rubber duck, the nominees know it’s an important seat. The title comes with a lot of responsibility, including hosting a social media site, “Where in the world is the Marquis® duck?”

While the race has just begun and the water seems calm, we have yet to see what each of the candidates is capable of. Let’s take a closer look and meet the contenders; they are Carl Canard, Quincy Quackenbush and Luther Loon.

carl_cannardCarl Canard

Carl has dual citizenship…born in China but his mother is from Connecticut. Carl migrates in sophisticated circles and has been known to water in country club pools from time to time. A true blue blood in DNA, Carl says his true color is Marquis® blue.

quincy_quackenbushQuincy Quackenbush

There is some controversy over Quincy’s country of origin, and apparently his hatch records have been sealed by court order. Quincy first became engaged with Marquis® during the “Occupy Marquis®” duck rebellion of 2010 to reintroduce the duck to the Ultimate Package and feels like leading the forces of change for ducks in hot tubs would be better achieved by working on the inside rather than from outside the system through protests.


Luther Loon

Made in America…just like Marquis®. Luther says he has always been a bird of a different feather. Loons are not noted for hanging out with flocks of ducks, but Luther is seeking election as the next Marquis® “duck” because just as Marquis® is not just another box of hot water…he is not just another hot tub duck.

These ducks are all proud to belong to the beloved American rubber duck species and yet are each unique in their own way.  They are all equally worthy of the job, but everyone has their favorite! So get involved and cast your vote and who knows you just might end up with a new hot tub!

To vote, go to Marquis Spas Facebook Sweepstakes Page or follow this link Anyone over 18 is eligible to vote and enter the contest. The election runs October 1-31st. The new duck representative will be announced on National Election Day, Tuesday November 4, 2014. The hot tub winner will be drawn and announced the following Tuesday November 11, 2014. We wish the best of luck to all the candidates and may the finest floating rubber bird win!

Cast your vote to today and be entered to win a free hot tub! Go to Marquis Spas Facebook Sweepstakes Page.