Louie’s Hot Tub Wish

Every April, for World Wish Month, Marquis® promotes their partnership with Make-A-Wish® with The Promise of a Wish Campaign. A promotion that circulates around a hot tub model, (Wish hot tub) specifically designed with the the non-profit organization in mind. Last August we met Louie and his family at a backyard celebration in Maplewood, MN. It was the day his hot tub wish was realized due to the partnership between Marquis® and Make-A-Wish®. Louie and his parents, Jeannette and Eduardo, and siblings Jesse, Isaac and Iliana were all present, alongside representatives from Marquis and Make-A-Wish as Louie received the 800th Marquis hot tub/swim spa wish!

Marquis recently had the privilege of reconnecting with Louie for World Wish Month 2019. After receiving his hot tub 9 months ago, and undergoing back surgery just a few weeks later, Louie now  continues to enjoy his hot tub with family and friends on a regular basis.

Louie is a sixth grader who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, spastic quadriplegia, shunted hydrocephalus, neuromuscular scoliosis, and epilepsy. Spastic quadriplegia results in all four limbs suffering from spasticity, or unusual stiffness, rather than strict paralysis. Shunted hydrocephalus is the combination of excess buildup of fluids in the brain, requiring the use of implanted catheters to drain the excess fluid. Neuromuscular scoliosis is an irregular spinal curvature, normally caused by muscular, spinal cord and brain disorders.

His regular treatments include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Before receiving his hot tub, his family had to make weekly trips to Wisconsin for pool therapy. “Louie has not been able to be in water unless at his pool therapy sessions,” says his mother Jeannette. “With the hot tub, he is able to sit in and actually play in the water.”

Having regular access to water therapy was the main reason why Louie chose a hot tub as his wish. “When I was chosen, I did not know what kind of wish I wanted. I was watching TV and saw a pool that people can exercise in and that is when I decided I would like a pool or hot tub,” Louie says.” I like pool therapy, but I like the water warm, not cold. The hot water helps my muscles.” Now, he is able to do his therapy in the comfort of his own home with his family, and most importantly in warm water. Therapy that was limited to once a week, he now does twice a week, “unless it is too cold outside.”

In spite of these challenges, Louie is like any other 12 year-old. He loves social studies, Ed Sheeran and all things Apple. He enjoys watching movies, playing games on his iPad and anything to do with Alexa. “He’s a techy kid,” his mother says. “He loves to talk about the hot tub and invites all [the] girls over!” His favorite part of the hot tub is the chair lift. “…I sit on it, and it puts in me in and out of the hot tub, and the water is not cold!” Louie says. “When my muscles hurt or after I have to have phenol and botox injections (for muscle spasticity) I like to sit in the hot tub.”

Owning a Marquis hot tub has done more than help to ease Louie’s chronic pain. His parents use it nightly as muscle relief from work and injury. “We love that we can keep it running year round, and it’s pretty easy to maintain,” his parents mention, “As a family, we all can sit in it with [Louie].”

His parents added, “We cannot say enough about how wonderful the whole process was. Everyone was so kind, and wonderful. The staff at Valley Pools and Spas have been awesome, they answer our questions, [and] they have come out to check on the hot tub. The Maplewood Fire Department came out and filled Louie’s hot tub, and came to the reveal party. Marquis staff from headquarters came as well. It was just an unbelievable experience for our whole family!”

Everyone at Marquis and Make-A-Wish work together to make eligible kids like Louie realize their wishes. Marquis has been the preferred hot tub provider for Make-A-Wish for almost 20 years. We hope to celebrate our 900th hot tub or swim spa wish very soon!