Meet the all-new 2015 e-Series™ Hot Tubs by Marquis®.

545 hot tub overhead

545 hot tub overhead view

Their chiseled styling creates a dynamic impression so well engineered it delivers hydrotherapy and entertainment excitement beyond expectation. For 2015 Marquis turned the presentation up a notch by replacing the valves and fittings with a custom design, more angular and chunky…along the lines of the hot tubs themselves. We think you’ll agree that the new stainless steel adds a heavy dose of bling!

But we didn’t stop on the top-side. We heard that some of our customers thought the e-Series™ tubs just didn’t quite stand up to the stature of other competitive products. So we grew the height to 35 inches. Now the e-Series™ tubs look bigger: but remember, they also soak deeper than most of the other guys’ allowing for you to be submerged up to your neck in various seats…one reason to always test soak a hot tub, or at the very least dry test for comfort and fit.

Mayan Copper steals the show!

Another enhancement to the color pallet: We upped our metal count with the addition of Mayan Copper. It’s boldly dramatic and shimmers with copper swirls. We love it with a Cordovan exterior! Create that rich, earthy vibe like a deep lagoon with Mayan Copper. Interior colors really affect the way the water looks in the hot tub. So if you want it to sparkle like a pristine lake, go with a lighter interior color. Plus Twilight™ LED lighting turns your hot tub into a magical environment that glows! Why even the drink holders and soothing water fountains radiate with color. But remember, the cover is on the tub the majority of time making the exterior an important color choice. If you want to preview hot tub colors please go to our website and play around with the Color Chooser

Mayan copper hot tub color

Marquis® is obsessed with clean water!

Our e-Series™ Hot Tub models have always had the industry’s best water management system. Now with the new 2015 Pleatco filter program in e-Series™, even we are impressed by how much better our system polishes the water back to pristine. Plus antimicrobial filters add another level of protection.

E-Series™ Hot Tubs are all pumped up for 2015!

Now the two pump models: the 750, 660, 545 and 2-pump 435 have two two-speed pumps for even better hydrotherapy performance! These units truly out-perform the therapy in competitor tubs. Dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a peaceful soak massage…and two of them double the options around the new e-Series™ two pump models.

family in e-series

The next generation of entertainment!

e-Series™ hot tub models include spacious seating configurations for entertaining, enjoyment and family fun. Somebody’s got to lead to set the edge… why not you in a new e-Series™ hot tub from Marquis®? Discover the perfect hot tub model for your lifestyle at