The Vector21 series is truly revolutionary, not only for their laminar flow capability, but also their unique jet styles with Vector Optimized Laminar Therapy™ (V-O-L-T™). There are three sizes and three types of Jetpods. You can remove them and install in other locations of similar size – something no other spa manufacturer has done. The Orbital, Conal and Directional Jetpods offer a different type of massage from shiatsu-like movement to deep tissue, each one is significantly unique.

To change a Jetpod:
1) Insert a flathead screwdriver between the top tab and the Jetpod face
2) Push down on the grill and pull forward to slide up
3) Once disengaged, slide the grill up to remove – the tabs are small, so be sure to slide up carefully
To insert a Jetpod:
1) Locate the three flanges – they are left, right and facing down on the grill
2) Slide the tabs towards the flange to engage all three tabs in their location on the side of the grill face
3) Press the top bar toward the bottom pushing inward to engage the top tab

For more information on how to change your Vector21 Jetpods, visit your local Marquis Dealer!