How do you find the best hot tub brand?

You’re interested in purchasing a hot tub. But how do you find the best hot tub brand? With a lot of research and thought, that’s how! However, it is crucial to see hot tub models in person. Make a day of it and you head into the store of your choice and look around. An associate offers somewhat helpful answers but ultimately you decide on a model! Congratulations on your hot tub purchase! After all the ‘t’s” are crossed and the “i’s’ are dotted, you anxiously await the arrival of your new hot tub! A few weeks later, your hot tub is delivered! There is sits, still packaged and wrapped, in your drive way, blocking your car in… Now what? Marquis Dealers wouldn’t let this happen, but with mass retailers this is a possibility; as they don’t usually have a specialized team of technicians and specialists.

The Marquis® Difference

The Marquis Difference is what sets us apart from everyone else. The goal is to be the best hot tub brand in the industry. We pride ourselves on creating the best experience for our customers from initial contact, to installation, and beyond. What exactly is the Marquis Difference? What sets us apart from other manufacturers and retailers? Throughout this post you’ll read comments and reviews from previous Marquis customers on what made their experience at Marquis the best, via

“I have two Marquis [hot tubs]. I have been with them for a year and a half
with the new one and I’m gonna be five years with the other one. My
salesman was awesome. He followed up with me 30 days after I got it to see
if everything’s okay. Having the new tub installed has been great.
The team at
Marquis showed up on time and they were very efficient, professional, and got
the job done. My experience with Marquis has been great.” – Jennifer of Tigard, OR.

Let’s walk you through what your experience might look like at Marquis.

Step One:

You’re curious about the best hot tub brand and search for the“Best Hot Tub Brand” in your web browser. A series of brands show up but “The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience” draws your attention to Marquis. You come across our hot tub finder and search for the “5-person hot tubs” and you find the perfect fit! You plug your zip code into our “Hot Tub Dealer Locator”, find the nearest Dealer to you and request information. One step closer!

“I painstakingly researched this before I even pulled the trigger and bought one
because I wanted to make sure I was getting what I wanted. It took me about
a year looking at different brands.
When I went to Marquis Spas, I talked to their
rep who was such a nice guy…That’s what made me buy Marquis.”
–Dean of Alma Center, WI

Step Two:

The next day the Dealer contacts you and you make an appointment for the Dealer to do a site evaluation. He plans to take a look at your property and see what options there are to safely install your hot tub. He discusses the options, such as pouring a cement slab with a contractor. This is followed by a trip to the store to do paperwork and officially order your hot tub!

“The salesman at Marquis Spas was very good. He was very knowledgeable, and
he didn’t push us, and he didn’t pull us in any direction. He explained it clearly and
thoroughly. And we didn’t want one of these big fancy ones and he was fine with that.
He also told us how to take care of it. So far, the Marquis tub works well.” L. of California.

Step Three:

Everything, and we mean everything is customizable! The shell color, DuraCover, cabinet color, adding an Environment module and surrounds, LED lights, Bluetooth music capabilities and more! You get the chance to work with the Dealer and select everything you want for your hot tub that is specific to your needs. And in a short period of time your hot tub will be delivered!

Step Four:

In the meantime, the Dealer and contractor work to prepare your backyard or your desired location for your hot tub. This could be pouring cement, redesigning your deck or installing an awning. Creating a serene and complimentary surrounding area for your hot tub is not only fun and exciting but will integrate your hot tub into its environment.

“Though we weren’t here when the tub was installed, everything went flawlessly. We
had to rebuild a room and our contractor managed all that while we were away. The
tub was installed as a part of that process and it was not filled until we returned. It’s
been nothing but positive.”
– Bob of Roseburg, OR.

Step Five:

Your hot tub has arrived! And so have your Dealer, and a team of trained employees! For the next hour or so, they work relentlessly to get your hot tub in place. After it’s installed, your Dealer stays to set up your hot tub, teaches you how to add chemicals and answers any immediate questions you have.

“The installation went fine. They delivered the tub and one of the guys, Rod, had
the wiring done and walked me through the whole setup.
The Marquis tub that
we got is a great unit and we like it, and I already have recommended it to
somebody.” – Steve of Brainerd, MN.

Step Six:

ENJOY your hot tub! Rest assured that with your hot tub, comes exceptional customer service before, during and after the purchase.

“I was impressed with the product. Also, Marquis seems to be an honest and
reputable business
and the rep I talked with was excellent.”
– Micki of Eau Claire, WI.

The Marquis team has been exceptional. We did something wrong and we
had a little problem with balancing the water, but they were able to send
somebody and get us organized.” – Matt of Coarsgold, CA.


Another reason why Marquis is the best hot tub brand is the warranty on all products. Marquis’ Owner’s Protection Plan is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. We’ve got you covered from top to bottom and in between! Read more about the warranties on all our products. Marquis proves that it is the best hot tub brand in the industry with superior manufacturing and design, exceptional customer service, and product warranty. To learn more visit