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Hot Tub Financing: What is Right for You?

Hot Tub Financing So you've decided to purchase a hot tub. You've selected the model, colors, accessories, and even decided where you’re going to put it at your home. The only thing left to decide is… how will you pay for it? There are many hot tub financing options...

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Four Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Hot Tub

So you’re thinking about getting a hot tub. Congratulations! There are so many excellent benefits including therapy, relaxation and connection time with friends and family. Buying a hot tub is a big decision; here are four things you should consider before taking the plunge!

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Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance One of the top concerns of hot tub buyers is hot tub maintenance. Do they need to take a chemistry class to care for the water? Are they going to spend all their spare time cleaning the hot tub? And what about the cost? All these concerns make them...

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Hot tubbing on the edge with 2015 e-Series

Meet the all-new 2015 e-Series™ Hot Tubs by Marquis®. Their chiseled styling creates a dynamic impression so well engineered it delivers hydrotherapy and entertainment excitement beyond expectation. For 2015 Marquis turned the presentation up a notch by replacing the...

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ATV™ Swim Spas – Everything You Need to Know

Aquatic Training Vessel (ATV™) Swim Spas Swim spas have grown in acceptance and use around North America in the past five years. With more and more people considering them for swimming or other aquatic workout uses, we thought it might be helpful to review a few...

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2015 Product for Signature and Celebrity Series

Marquis Hot Tubs are hotter than ever for 2015! Have you been thinking about becoming a hot tub owner? Are you looking for a place to connect with loved ones, escape the day or improve your health? Marquis may just be the right hot tub for you. Recently Marquis was...

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Who will be the next quack voted into… water?

Its election time in America and while there are many important decisions to be made, there is none more critical for Marquis® then finding their new rubber duck representative! During the month of October Marquis® is hosting a heated election in search for a new...

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Six Things You Should Know About Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub covers… you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not really. Most hot tub covers are created with the same basic structural concept, but there can be a world of difference from one to the next. Before you buy, be sure you know these 6 things to...

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Clean and sanitize your hot tub with Ozone!

When it comes to cleaning your hot tub you want something you can depend on that’s fast and powerful, meet Ozone, the superhero among the hot tub sanitizers. When Ozone comes into contact with an oxidizable substance in your hot tub – BAM – it's outta...

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Five Ways Hydrotherapy Can Improve Your Health

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Hot tubs have been the centerpiece of backyard entertainment for years, but did you know they are also a beacon for health benefits? The old box of water is, in fact, a hot bed of therapeutic benefits. Here are five ways hot tub hydrotherapy can...

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Welcome to the Marquis® hot tub blog. Our blog is where we will post breaking hot tub news, customer hot tub reviews, maintenance tips and tricks as well as general hot tub information and hot tub how-tos. Get your hot tub news and information from the people that know! You can bookmark our blog to check back often or use our RSS feed to be notified immediately when a new article is published. Marquis® is an industry leader in the hot tub and spa field. We have been manufacturing top quality hot tubs since 1980, learn more about Marquis. Visit our main consumer hot tub website.